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Frog Series -LED Industrial Floodlight KF120KF150

Certification: RoHS,CE
Code: Ex d ⅡB T5/T6 Gb

Features and BenefitsParametersCandela DistributionApplicationInstallation Method
  • 1. Energy saving. Reduce the number of luminaires needed, providing excellent luminaries efficiency more light where you need it.
  • 2. Anti glare, reduces glare in applications where the user may have direct visual contact with the light source.
  • 3. Shock and vibration resistant tempered glass, reduces the risk of premature failure.
  • 4. Osram led source. High efficiency lumen output and high CRI.
  • 5. Driver module assembly High efficiency LED drivers are designed to provide reliable operation in even the harshest environments.
  • 6. High strength aluminum alloy housing, can endure 20J impact. IP66, can be used wet locations robust construction suitable corrosive applications.
  • 7. Ambient temperature from -40ºC to 55ºC.

Electrical and Photometric Parameters:

Product Type P/N Rated Input Voltage
(V AC)
Rated Power
CRI Luminous Flux
KF120* KF120*H6V6WM-E



120 2700~3300 82 9821
KF120*H6V6NH-E 3700~4300 82 12276
KF120*H6V6CH-E 5400~6400 70 12276
KF150* KF150*H6V6WM-E



150 2700~3300 82 11880
KF150*H6V6NH-E 3700~4300 82 14850
KF150*H6V6CH-E 5400~6400 70 14850

Remarks:* Stands for the range of the voltage. A stands for AC 90~180V,Default (without A)stands for AC 180~277V.

Other Parameters:

Product Type Size
Ambient Temp

IP Code
KF120 425×398×225 13.9 -40~+55
KF120A 425×398×225 13.9 -40~+55
KF150 425×398×225 13.9 -40~+55
KF150A 425×398×225 13.9 -40~+55

Candela Distribution:


1.Power Generation Industry, Power Transmission Industry, Stadium Lighting, Machine Manufacturing, Shipping Industry, etc.

2.Factories,gymnasium,hypermarket,large scale infrastructure,coal washery,waiting hall,warehouse, street light, etc.

3.Applicable to all non-explosive areas.

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Installation method:

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